Mission StatementTo make Human Design accessible to everyone.

About HumanDesign.ai

HumanDesign.ai was founded in 2021 with one simple vision: to make Human Design accessible to everyone. We had to find a way of giving this knowledge on a scale never achieved before, in all the major languages, as fast as possible with minimal friction but without effecting the day to day livelihoods of the humans involved in the space. We're human beings too and we don't want our tool to take away jobs but rather create them.

Our Vision

HumanDesign.ai aim's to become a universally accessible artificial intelligence tool that reads Human Design charts and produces guides, resources and information that can easily be digested and understood by humans. The tool aims to offer strategies, personality insights, career opportunities, video content, teachers, courses, books, products and personalised exercises for reconditioning thought processes in alignment with the individual’s design.